Welcome to the portal to my world

I started drawing and painting when I was a little boy, I was a writer before I even knew I was one, then I became a musician, I worked in the filmmaking industry and graduated from clinical psychology.

I can´t be artistically or mentally still, this page, the portal to my world, is a way of me expressing and sharing my arts and thoughts with you.

What I do

The Hermit and the Warrior – El Ermitaño y el Guerrero

Through fantastic short stories I express and self apply psychology to my own anecdotes, then I analize the story from a more real approach.

Far Traveler Comics

Me and my cousin Lex are making self-published comics, come check out our art. Far Traveler Comics has chosen to tell fantasy, magic and sci-fi from a latin american point of view.

Tabletop RPG´S

Currently working in some fresh RPG settings and campaigns, for both Far Traveler Comics and Dwarfare Games have joined forces, creating a latino tabletop gaming powerhouse.


Ruben Mahfoud
Email: mahfoudgonzalez@gmail.com

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